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Simple and Fast: One or two swallows of this formula can help
with cramps, allowing you to go back to your activities
or have a peaceful night's sleep.
Our Quick & Effective Night Leg Cramp Remedy

About Leg Cramps:
The precise cause of agonizing nighttime leg, foot or hand cramps is not totally understood but the range of possibilities are:

1. Body needs more potassium or magnesium right away.

2. Poor circulation to the muscles in the affected area.

3. Too much salt in the diet.

It is reported that some 70% of adults over 55 years of age suffer from regular or periodic nighttime cramps. However such cramps can also happen to those who are younger, but generally with less frequency.

What can be done to lessen or eliminate these painful cramps:

Be given a prescription of pain pills to be taken at the onset of the cramping. Any relief by these pain pills is usually in 20 to 30 minutes if they work at all, meanwhile the painful cramping continues.

Take magnesium and potassium pills daily to prevent cramping. This is not successful with everyone and over a period of a year can cost up to $160.00 or thereabouts.

Quinine (mostly used for malaria) is often prescribed with mixed results. This requires a prescription and has side effects to many people.

The other option is to take one or two tablespoonsful (or caps full) of this natural remedy - can be taken mixed with a quarter glass of water or straight from the bottle. Relief can come in about one minute with most people experiencing relief between 30 seconds and 2 minutes. Individual results may vary.

The choice, at least to us, seems obvious. Take no chemicals, nor drugs but only an all natural, wholesome remedy and only take it when needed.

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